YEAR END SALE!!! its the end of the year 2011 and there are lots of sale from shopping complex such as SOGO and JUSCO. Everybody is planning for their future list to do for next year, however I not in the mood to plan all those things. I know its good to have a plan but I decided to leave all that to Allah..Let's Allah decide and I just follow whatever is decided for me.. Sometimes we might not like something however Allah knows better than us, so just leave it and it might be the things that we do not like at the first place is the best for us...Allah the greatest and knowledgeable....

Since I don't have to plan for my future list to do, I decided to have a wish list before the end of 2011...hahhahaha...which mean I want to go shopping!!!!!!!!....Do hope when my hubby read this wish list, immediately he will buy it for me as I am his lovely wife...kan abg kan...ngehh...

My wish list before end of 2011..
1. a new handbag and purse (it's a must buy)
2. watch from swatch
3. a new shoes
4. replace my glasses (before this I wore perfmers glasses, it's soooo outdated la abg, tukarkan syg)
5. new clothes and jeans

Okey enough for me...Now is Luqman wish list before the end of 2011;
Luqman said he wants to have:
1. toys (dinosaur, ball, car, train etc..)
2. clothes
3. shoes
4. a hat or cap

Enough for Luqman .We want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH AYAHHHH.....We love you so muchhhh!!!!!!! When shall we go to shopping?????

It's been ages since my last update..I do not know what to write and quite busy with my thesis..Alhamdulillah, finally finished with my thesis and submitted last month. I want to write about something however I always stuck in the middle and at the end I just close this window and do other things instead of writing. I love to write about my life and I think this blog is like my diary.

Let me start with my baby first. There are lot of things to talk about him. He is 6 months old now. So cute, cubby, handsome boy, naughty, sweet smile, big eye (everybody loves to look his eyes) etc..Frankly speaking, he is a good boy, might be Allah wants to ease my work. I don't have to wake up late at night to take care of him because he is sleeping and only wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning. He loves his father more compared to me ..Haahahha...(ayat jeles)...Truth is dgn ayah dia asik gelak2 jer ...kalau ibu dia senyum2 jer...Menyampah....Since he is our first child so bykla duit habes kat dia..New clothes, new stroller, new playgym, buaian, baby court, medela bla..bla..bla....even botol susu pun nak yg tomee tipee punya...yg lain dia tak mo...lucky he's the first one and ibu n ayah (with the help of tok mama n tok abah) can support to buy all those things for him.

I chat with my best friend just now and she said she's pregnant. I have two best friends during my secondary school. Both of them will have two babies and I only have one. Huhuhhu....After this I shall continue my PhD and it might take 5 years to complete it. Haaahahha..apela yg aku pk nie....I just think the best time for me to conceive is before I further my study...(which mean rite now) hahhhahaha.....jgn cari pasal la hidayah....Luqman still a baby...kesian kat dia...nak menyusu lagi....huhuhuhuhu....My mum and mil will get angry if I pregnant again because Luqman still need my attention...ayah dia,,,,errr dia tak kesah....dia siap offer lagi nak baby dia kasi....I want a baby gul. I already have name for my baby gul "Balqis Qistina". Sound sweet kan2??? hahhahah...

Huh forget about that la...5 years lagi la dapat Balqis...And 5 years lagi la Luqman dapat adik..Ayah dia sibuk nak 5 anak...huh...Alah time mengandung jer dia picit2 kaki, pas dah dapat Luqman ritu dia dah malas picit kaki kiter....macam mane nak 5 anak.....Okey end of story...Forget bout having a new baby and concentrate with my Luqman....

p/s: comel gambar ayah n luqman...time nie diorg belum mandi..hehhehehe...
been two months since last update...tiba2 rasa nak menulis pula...nak share experience having a baby...sejak ada Luqman nie bz la cket...time pun belum pandai manage sgt...rasanyer kalau nak kuar kena siap 2 jam lebih awal kalau tak memang akan lambat hubby ckap sebab aku yg siap lambat...dgn mekup la, gosok tudung la...eee padahal aku kena bagi susu kat Luqman, kena pam susu sebelum kuar, kena siap kan beg baju Luqman...siapkan buku2 aku...pastue kena panaskan engin keta....buat sumerla...huhuhu....anyway best ada baby...hihihihi...cepat2 la kawen k kepada sesiapa yg lum kawen...

waktu Luqman 4 minggu , Luqman kena ruam susu...sian Luqman, muka jadi merah2....sian sgt...sumer nyer gara2 aku yg tak tau susu tumpah kat muka akan sebabkan ruam susu....aku risau sgt tgk muka dia sebab dah tak gebu macam baby len...aku rasa bersalah sgt kat Luqman huhuhu....jadi aku google tenet, cari maklumat pasal ruam susu nie....ada cream yg boleh ubati ruam susu nie such as elomet, hydrocortison, takupap (ubat sensei) n ada lah yg len2...cream macam elomet ada steroid tapi mild n memang disuggest oleh doctor untuk baby yg ada ruam susu..

at first, aku try takupap hahha sebab nak murah kan n org ckap dalam masa satu hari leh hilang...aku kan jenis tak sabar,so aku nak dia hilang cepat..yup memang hilang pun cepat kering ruam Luqman but then dia timbul balik....huhhu....aku pun keep on gugle n some said that maybe due to eczema or alahan susu lembu.....huhuhu aku baru minum susu dutch lady....jadi aku tak minum dah susu lembu takut kena kat Luqman but still ada lagi ruam kat Luqman even aku dah lap muka dia pas dia minum susu....aku tak puas hati g la pharmacy, n dia bagi cream melomet/elomet....aku pun try pakai kat Luqman n yup baik macam takupap but still kulit Luqman kering...jadi kami pun tukarkan mandian Luqman n beli lotion for Luqman....Alhamdulillah, until now tak der lagi ruam susu...thanks to Buds cleanser n Buds Super Soothing Rescue Lotion....

Me n' Hubby.

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