YEAR END SALE!!! its the end of the year 2011 and there are lots of sale from shopping complex such as SOGO and JUSCO. Everybody is planning for their future list to do for next year, however I not in the mood to plan all those things. I know its good to have a plan but I decided to leave all that to Allah..Let's Allah decide and I just follow whatever is decided for me.. Sometimes we might not like something however Allah knows better than us, so just leave it and it might be the things that we do not like at the first place is the best for us...Allah the greatest and knowledgeable....

Since I don't have to plan for my future list to do, I decided to have a wish list before the end of 2011...hahhahaha...which mean I want to go shopping!!!!!!!!....Do hope when my hubby read this wish list, immediately he will buy it for me as I am his lovely wife...kan abg kan...ngehh...

My wish list before end of 2011..
1. a new handbag and purse (it's a must buy)
2. watch from swatch
3. a new shoes
4. replace my glasses (before this I wore perfmers glasses, it's soooo outdated la abg, tukarkan syg)
5. new clothes and jeans

Okey enough for me...Now is Luqman wish list before the end of 2011;
Luqman said he wants to have:
1. toys (dinosaur, ball, car, train etc..)
2. clothes
3. shoes
4. a hat or cap

Enough for Luqman .We want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH AYAHHHH.....We love you so muchhhh!!!!!!! When shall we go to shopping?????


Azan said...

Errr.. Shouldn't there suppose to be three wish lists? Where is mine?

Btw, I've found a good place for your first two items. You know where, Hahahahaha..

Azan said...

ada org tu, dok cari beg sikit punya lamaaaaa.. Sudahnye tak beli. Bila tanya, "takde yg minat ke?". Dia jawab, "Byk sgt yg syg suke..". *toleh* dan *larik*!!!

Me n' Hubby.

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